At the age of 44 I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.  Before the diagnosis, I had a vague idea that I was going to die one day, but with the diagnosis death became a reality.  I realized that I was not prepared to face this important life transition.  Then Misa entered the picture.  She helped me to create a space for talking about death honestly and she held a container while I shared all my feelings that came with it.  She helped me move from purely being afraid of dying to opening up to the gifts of living an existence that has an end.”
~ Carrie-Ann

Nicole assisted my family through my mother’s end of life.   Nicole’s ability to navigate the logistics, the emotions, the spiritual and the family dynamics while providing comfort to my mother was the greatest gift.  My whole family was grateful to Nicole’s compassion and kindness as well as her depth of knowledge — I would recommend her without hesitation and with the greatest praise.  May no family have to walk this path alone and unguided — bring in Nicole to show you the way! ~Tina

When I learned that my 40 year old best friend had been diagnosed with terminal cancer I knew that my life, and my feelings surrounding life and death, would be forever changed. Finding myself plagued with painful emotions such as anger, guilt, helplessness, and depression over the impending loss of my dear friend, I turned to Misa for help. Without her guidance and support through this most profound and sorrowful of experiences I probably would have shut down completely. Misa helped me to face my fears surrounding death and loss and be completely present for my friend, while she did the same.

In our society death, and especially the extended dying process, is taboo. A topic to be avoided and not discussed at all costs; and it costs us dearly. We are in desperate need of guides to help us navigate this journey that we will all undertake. I am so grateful to have found this guide in Misa and in her community of Death Doulas, who are here to support us and our loved ones through this painful and inevitable process.

The most precious gift that Misa gave to me, my friend, and those closest to her was the gift of sacred ceremony on her last day on this planet. Although the simple, yet meaningful, rituals will never remove the pain of losing someone so young and vibrant, they provided comfort, beauty, and connection as we said goodbye to our dear friend. They helped us express our love and support of her in a very meaningful way.

Thank you Misa. I am forever grateful to you.
~ Tori