consultation - $35

Consultations are complimentary and help the individual and doula discuss what needs and expectations want to be met. Consultations usually last 45 minutes.


Throughout the relationship, Death Doulas can offer ritual and ceremony to help clients and families face, honor, and grieve the transitions invited by death. Rituals and ceremonies are an important part of restoring the sacredness of death and often help families release their grief and assist in the mourning proces


As Death Midwives, our promise is that if it is the individual's desire, they will not die alone. When death is imminent, Death doulas will be present to vigil with, without, or take turns with family and caregivers, until their loved one has crossed over. Doulas can assist in ritual and ceremony, body washing and purification, and post death vigiling which has been known to assist families in mourning and saying goodbye. Doulas can also assist in planning for home funerals and offer resources for green burials if desired.


Death doulas can meet with their clients one to three times a week for an hour Death doulas and clients form their relationships this way and open the door to spiritual, emotional, and practical conversations on death, dying, grief and more.

Best 3-6-9 Months of Life - $35

The Best 3-6-9 Months of Life is a care plan that serves to help individuals find their voice and implement some control over what they want their death to look like according to 5 domains: Spiritual, Emotional. Physical, Mental/Psychological and Practical. This care plan is a map for individuals and their families and is a beautiful supplement and guide to advanced directives, funeral and ceremony planning, and beyond.

Comfort, care, healing - $35

All of our Death Doulas are unique and trained with different gifts. Some are trained in aromatherapy, comfort touch acupressure, shamanic practices, Earth medicine with stone/crystal, plants and animal medicine, occupational therapy for home safety and ADL training for caregivers,  energy work. Please note, the term "healing" is meant for spiritual, relational, and emotional healing and not meant medically. Many times healing in terms of dying is meant for returning the soul to wholeness. For many dying is the path to healing and wholeness.