The Death Doula Collective is a gathering of individuals from all over the country, all graduates from an End of Life Doula Training program, with unique skills, experiences, and extensive trainings working with people in various aspects of life. We are compassionate advocates, companions, guides, space holders, ceremonialists, and vigil attendants. We believe that no one should die alone, and any family would benefit from conscious and dedicated support for their dying loved one. We would be so honored to walk with you and your family through this sacred rite of passage.

 Misa Terral, OTR/L,   Certified Death Doula, SoulSweat™ instructor,  NETA -Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Misa Terral, OTR/L,   Certified Death Doula, SoulSweat™ instructor, NETA-Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Misa brings her genuine nature, intuitive and calming presence, healing energy, and 15 years experience as an occupational therapist to her work as an end of life doula. 

Having served individuals from various backgrounds and needs in assisted living, rehabilitation, hospitals, schools, and private practice, her ability to create a peaceful, safe, and comforting space for healing and wholeness has been a lifelong practice. She supports individuals wanting to explore meaning at end of life through conversation and coaching, or life reviews using creativity and purposeful activity. She guides individuals and their caregivers in stress management, mindfulness and presence, spiritual, physical and emotional self care, and energy conservation, as well as practical needs for comfort, safe mobility, and environmental modifications. She is a Comfort Touch massage practitioner providing gentle acupressure specifically designed for deep relaxation. Through the healing power of dance in private sessions, Misa uses the alchemy of music and movement to help the body and soul process grief, pain and loss. Misa is an active student of Earth Medicine practices based in indigenous teachings, allowing her to create and customize healing rituals, ceremonies, altars and medicine wheels. She is also a Storyteller and practitioner of daily Pockitudes™ to embrace grit, grace and growth at all phases of life.

Contact Misa directly at 407-797-6619 or You can also find Misa at LinkedIn and Wander Wonder Discover.

Misa is based out of Asheville, NC and serves individuals and families remotely and in person.

     Nicole Matarazzo LMT, Certified Death Doula

    Nicole Matarazzo LMT, Certified Death Doula

    Nicole’s poised and compassionate spirit as an End of Life Guide offers a sense of peace to adults, children and families facing a time that often feels overwhelming and uncertain. Nicole considers being called to the sacred space of dying an honor and approaches the vulnerability that illness and death bring with a tender heart. She began her work as a Child Life Specialist tending to the psychosocial and emotional needs of children dying of AIDS and cancer. She is also a Certified Massage Therapist as well as a Comfort Touch Practitioner. As a Certified Death Doula, Nicole is reminded of how unique and precious each of us is and that our body, mind and soul deserve the most loving presence and care, especially at the end of life.

    Contact Nicole at 860.965.7548 

    Nicole is based in Boulder, CO and the surrounding areas.

     Nicole Setty, Registered Somatic Psychotherapist, Certified Death Doula

    Nicole Setty, Registered Somatic Psychotherapist, Certified Death Doula

    Nicole Setty Koukou is passionate about restoring Death to its sacred place inside of Life. Nicole is a Registered Somatic therapist, Teacher of Yoga of Undoing and Workshop Facilitator on topics such as Anxiety, Self-Love and Grief Rituals. She is a Certified Circle Talk Facilitator, and a Certified Sacred Passage Guide and has assisted in many of the trainings.

    Nicole is based in Boulder, CO and can be reached at 720-244-4703 

     Annie Seidman           Certified Death Doula

    Annie Seidman           Certified Death Doula

    Annie's deep connection to, and desire to work with, fellow humans has been the guiding force in her life. She has chosen to hone her compassion and comfort skills to assist clients and their families navigate the dying process as the mysterious and beautiful rite of passage that it is.  Annie is committed to restoring death to its sacred place in the celebration of life.

    Annie is based in Boulder, CO and can be reached directly at 510-289-9560