What we do:

Our primary gift is our ability to be a grounding and supportive presence for individuals and their families during a deeply intense, painful, and emotional time. Our guidance brings comfort and advocacy to the dying, and our knowledge and support allows families to focus on grieving, take breaks, let go, and spend quality time to love and honor their loved one. Our presence offers steadfast assurance, comfort, and companionship when death arrives.

Our services can begin at any stage of the end of life process and continues through death and into funeral planning if requested. We can offer more customized services the sooner we know an individual and family, but we are flexible in meeting your needs. 

PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to be actively dying to talk to or work with a Death doula. Sometimes a simple conversation and discussing the fear around death can invite new shifts in how we live our daily lives. Please consider joining Boulder Courageous Conversations, created just for this purpose, to consciously address our feelings around death and dying in a safe, intimate, community container. 


I. The Opening Phase

Our services always begin with an initial interview and conversation. This is how we learn your wishes, thoughts, fears, hopes for end of life, and how you get to know your doula. Every individual and family will have a Lead Doula as their primary attendant. 

II. The Companionship Phase

This will include one-on-one scheduled visits between the Lead Doula and the individual (and/or family members/caregiver) to build an authentic and trusting relationship that lasts through the final transition. These visits can occur at home, in hospital, or in the nursing/assisted living facility. We can explore co-creating any of the Care Plans below to help make the loving, safe, comfortable, and sacred environment for the journey and transition from this life. Please note, we offer non-denominational spiritual support and can work alongside caregivers, hospice, chaplains, doctors, nurses, CNAs, and funeral directors as consistent guides and direct advocates for the dying individual and their family. 

  • Best 3 Months of Life Care plan: Prioritizes end of life wishes and hopes by determining what wants to be accomplished in 5 Domains of your life.
    • Physical
    • Spiritual
    • Practical
    • Emotional
    • Psychological
  • Life Reviews can help document life histories, legacies, and messages to leave behind for loved ones.
  • Vigil Plan: For the last several hours or days of life.
  • After Death Care Plan: Body washing, preparation and dressing, and can include ritual and ceremony by request. 
  • Post Death Vigil Planning (24 hrs to 3 days by family): A highly recommended option that assists families with the grief and mourning process. Only family members and loved ones attend this Vigil.
  • Home Funeral, Traditional Funeral, and Green Burial resources and/or assistance.
  • Advocacy as needed for attending appointments, with family members, as a liaison for Hospice, etc..
  • Respite for the caregiver/family for their own self care and wellness.

III. The Vigil Phase

  • 24hr-48hr-72hr Vigil services: The Lead doula and supportive doulas rotate shifts and provide constant companionship, support and guidance during the active dying process. They will help implement and coordinate the Vigil Plan. 
  • Customized Ritual and Ceremony for transition, closure, and honoring of loved one can be implemented during Vigil or After Death Care.
  • Specialized services for comfort and calming such as Comfort Touch (gentle acupressure), poetry readings, guided imagery, music, can be implemented. 
  • After Death Care Plan which is a gentle and respectful cleansing, dressing and preparing of the body, 

IV. The Healing and Honoring Phase

  • Continued advocacy and assistance for funeral or burial services, paperwork assistance if requested depending on funeral arrangements. 
  • After death Grief support. 
  • Access to ongoing Grief Circles and Storytelling circles

Conversation, questions, and curiosity are always welcome. Please never hesitate to contact us!!