Making Decisions: Resources

The Conversation Project: Helps start the conversation about end of life including how to choose a proxy.

Advanced Care Planning: What it is, what it entails, and the decisions that need to be made before getting ill or incapacitated.

Good End of Life: A super simple site offering free worksheets to work on advanced care planning (or advanced directives).

Advanced Directives: An excellent resource site offering information on advanced directives particular to the state of Colorado. If you live in another state, please check your state laws about Advanced Directives.

Death with Dignity

Hospices are wonderful organizations that serve individuals with a life expectancy of 6 months or less. Individuals do not need to be actively dying to seek the help of hospice. Some individuals do better and even leave hospice. We recommend engaging their fabulous services sooner than later.

Home Funerals: 

Natural Transitions: A magazine and resource to green and holistic approaches to end of life.

National Home Funeral Alliance: Educates and empowers families who want to care for their own dead. Connects families with resources to "promote environmentally sound and culturally nurturing death practices".